The program prepares its graduates to be engineers who have:

  1. An ability to develop unique and sustainable solution to industrial process and unit operation real problems and expertise in chemical process engineering to develop efficient, economic, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical industry.
  2. a broad knowledge, disciplinary expertise, and creativity in the field of natural resources technology to obtain a value added to the national natural resources of Indonesia.
  3. Capability of developing and advancing chemical engineering science and engineering through research and ability to find creative and sustainable solutions to real chemical engineering problems through research activities.
  4. An ability to work and learn independently and ethically in academic and professional spheres. They are professional lifelong learners who always carried out personal development to show resilience,  God consciousness, according to Islamic teaching values including worship to Allah, khalifah, ‘ilm, trustworthy, istishlah, life skills,  and nationalism.